How To Build a PlayStation 5

Today I show you how to build the brand new PlayStation 5. Recently I managed to get my hands on the PS5 blueprints. If you want to build one for yourself at home you only need a few items. Many people don't know that the playstation 5 uses 90% of the playstation 3's hardware. Follow the step by step instructions and you'll get the NEW PlayStation 5 console before anyone else. You'll be amazed at how well it runs and how crisp the PS5 gameplay is.

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  1. HahaHumon



    Built it, and when my friend came over he asked how I got it early.

    • Memerman211


      4 napja

      And you said “i knew Microsoft and sony were hiding something!”

    • 1 Ztype

      1 Ztype

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      Found a main character

    • اواب 5556 زاك

      اواب 5556 زاك

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    • Martín Sanchez

      Martín Sanchez

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      breaking news

  2. Xhander Ezequiel Alis

    Xhander Ezequiel Alis

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    i hate you broke it

  3. Dorobantu Andrei Andrei Dorobantu

    Dorobantu Andrei Andrei Dorobantu

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    XBOX 5

  4. Arthur unboxing e sky

    Arthur unboxing e sky

    23 órája

    This is not building, this is a breaking.

  5. Niklas Ljung

    Niklas Ljung


    Not ps5

  6. 879 gaming

    879 gaming

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    Luks like ps3 is mor durabl

  7. Дмитро Гавлицкий

    Дмитро Гавлицкий

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    Perfect 😍

  8. lolface11lol


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    the remake

  9. Hitmaster


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    • Hitmaster


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      In 0:15

  10. Funny Moment

    Funny Moment

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    If you don't want PS I'm want please

  11. empireblox1965


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    l gonna test that :)

  12. Patric Visca

    Patric Visca

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    I tried but instead of ps5 came ps6

  13. Kerar Haider

    Kerar Haider

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    What 😂😂😂

  14. Akshat Rajput

    Akshat Rajput

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    Plot twist: It was durability promotion of ps3 and xbox 360

  15. johannperfect


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    • hheaven


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      damn. for real?

  16. Zeara I

    Zeara I

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    Elijah S

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    Xbox 370 vs PS3

  18. Freddie


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    Galang Erlangga N

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    Nice bro

  20. Ruziser


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    nice internet router dude

  21. Germini2241


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    he destroyed vintage consoles..

  22. Brenda Lacy

    Brenda Lacy

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  23. daniel talita

    daniel talita

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    Omg im laughting so much

  24. Santigamery


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    I make one and its great 🙃

  25. Sugeo TM

    Sugeo TM

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    is this plainrock124

  26. Abdul Ahad Chaudhary

    Abdul Ahad Chaudhary

    8 napja

    Faaltu bakwas video hai Apna time waste mat karo Is yede paagal insaan ko Dekh kar jo tha wo bhi gawa diya

  27. Pusheen FIN🇫🇮

    Pusheen FIN🇫🇮

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    Hmm... Looks similar:U

  28. hasty


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  29. Maggie Lesiczka

    Maggie Lesiczka

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    Home made ps5 don’t ask why it exploded

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    What a hero he stopped stupid console wars

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    Pablo Rodriguez

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  35. Daniel


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    This is sad, poor play >:

  36. Mashumallo


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    Is xbox 5 i guess

  37. Pietro Sal

    Pietro Sal

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    This is the first Howtobasic's video i saw 😂

  38. Shawal Khan

    Shawal Khan

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    That loki looks like a playstaition5 ngl

  39. 3UPPER


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    You forgot Egg

  40. IlhamGod2


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  41. Wassup_Wilton


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    I just dislike you , you destroy my mood

  42. Wassup_Wilton


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    Rest in Piece , PS5

  43. ゲッコウガわたし


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    I can only say that laughter is everything

  44. vitinho maninho

    vitinho maninho

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  45. Tumpa Mandal

    Tumpa Mandal

    11 napja

    That's why sony is not relesing ps6 😂😂😂😂😂

  46. Henry


    11 napja

    So I work for Sony and this is how we do it

  47. ░Sɳσɯყ░


    11 napja

    0:11 You needs PlayStation 3, Xbox 360, led lights, sticky tape, "axe and hammer" Me: Ah shit. He we go again.

  48. I just broke your ankles Meh kool

    I just broke your ankles Meh kool

    11 napja

    Imagine Sony’s factories just doing this all the time like it’s nothing

  49. Melhor vídeo do planeta

    Melhor vídeo do planeta

    11 napja

    Muito mais prático e eficiente 👌

  50. Mauro Lingan

    Mauro Lingan

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    Im laughing alot hahahah

  51. Damian Barnes

    Damian Barnes

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    I did'it see eggs on the list Xd

  52. Yassine Cheik

    Yassine Cheik

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    Pain i want a ps3

  53. Pequeño Josue Benjamin Salvador Pedreros Carrillo

    Pequeño Josue Benjamin Salvador Pedreros Carrillo

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  54. stongyo stick

    stongyo stick

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    Ummm the start tho

  55. Mostafa gamer YT

    Mostafa gamer YT

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    I think it's he's last ps3 and Xbox 360

  56. Mostafa gamer YT

    Mostafa gamer YT

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    ok last time I WHAT HE BOUT A PS3

  57. Cartoon World

    Cartoon World

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    Yay! PlayStation 5

  58. GIB ME 1 SUB

    GIB ME 1 SUB

    14 napja

    Thx for tutorials now i can enjoy ps5 in my room at asylum

  59. Elenita Rea

    Elenita Rea

    14 napja

    HTB:*says you need an xbox* Also HTB:axe hammer

  60. JujuLools


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    mom I want the ps5 ... My mother: on one already the ps5 at home! the ps5 we have:

  61. Simone Simone

    Simone Simone

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    Nintendo fan

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  63. Alabamian Lego Fan

    Alabamian Lego Fan

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    You can’t have an Xbox and a ps3 make baby

  64. Joseph Galer

    Joseph Galer

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    That poor 360

  65. Munsta X07

    Munsta X07

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    How to craft a ps5 ,1st get al da ps's than put them in a square sort than egg



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    this is fine and not fine

  67. Kyrito


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    didnt realize this was how to basic till i saw the eggs

  68. Dark Lord Zarvok

    Dark Lord Zarvok

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    No one is talking about how much his videos costs

  69. Mr. Unicorn

    Mr. Unicorn

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    top 10 anime fights

  70. mr_meme


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    Mom want ps5 Mom:no we have ps5 at home Ps5 at home 1:13

  71. Octavio Sandoval

    Octavio Sandoval

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    Son can we get a ps5 Mom no we have one at home the one at home1:01

  72. ZenaconMakes


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    How much it goin for

  73. pablitoツ


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    you are the eggs man

  74. Amir amman

    Amir amman

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    He is destroying the PlayStation and the Xbox I can't watch this

  75. Jacopo Palazzini

    Jacopo Palazzini

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  76. adhesivo


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    0:01 i hate when the

  77. LiteFire


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    Imagine a mother couldn’t afford a PS5 for their son so they saw this video and didn’t know it was a joke.

  78. Jordan English

    Jordan English

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    Eggstation 5

  79. Maximo Ayala

    Maximo Ayala

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    AguAnte argentina

  80. Riso Scotti

    Riso Scotti

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    Mom can i have the PS5, Mom: we have already the PS5 at home. The PS5 at home

  81. ZNyaTurretZ


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    How to Basic: (opens fridge holding camera) Eggs: (my time has come...)

  82. Francesco Nesci

    Francesco Nesci

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    Ormai è più conveniente

  83. Nilufar Nahid

    Nilufar Nahid

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    A moment of silence for those who thought it was real

  84. M5HAYA


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    Um i did it but it wont open

  85. Random Weirdo

    Random Weirdo

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    That’s not how you make a PlayStation five

  86. Mike Towing

    Mike Towing

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    “Mom am i a ps5 ………YEA oh”

  87. wafaa laghrib

    wafaa laghrib

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    What the heck

  88. 25-Siddharth 7I

    25-Siddharth 7I

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    Not gonna lie, look legit!

  89. Guest Playz

    Guest Playz

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    Person: *SPEEDBREAKS XBOX360*

  90. Darrel Sarwono

    Darrel Sarwono

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    Really useless a gamepad xbox ?

  91. Darrel Sarwono

    Darrel Sarwono

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    You really must buy a ps5 cost:$999.999.999

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    Nenad Espinosa

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    At Least These Two Consoles Aren't That Popular Right?... What Am I Thinking ☹️

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    StarScreen Studio

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    POV: the deleted scene on crafting every minecraft recipe

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    Lucas The editor

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    This one is funny but I think it’s not as good as the ps4 one

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    How To Build PlayStation 6

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    Mr X

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    Well there is another method PS2 + PS3 = PS5 EZZZ

  99. Erol Aguirre

    Erol Aguirre

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  100. Aweboツ


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    Everything is funny until You see the "one year ago" ._.