How To Fly a Drone

Today I show you how to fly any drone. Flying a quadcopter is actually incredibly easy. No matter your skill level you'll be able to fly any drone like a pro after watching this video. You'll not only be able to fly any drone with ease - you'll also be able to perform a range of difficult (and very impressive) tricks. This video is a must watch for all drone owners. Don't spend hundreds on quadcopter flying lessons - watch this video for FREE. This tutorial will help you with ALL drone brands. Happy flying!

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  1. Haruno


    2 órája

    i love me some fresh drone bread

  2. Atreyos


    8 órája

    This video actually almost killed me. From laughter

  3. Atreyos


    8 órája

    0:40 this channel cheers up my day

  4. Khursid alam Shaad

    Khursid alam Shaad

    8 órája

    Edible drone

  5. Beary


    10 órája

    Do not mess this girl or man

  6. X D

    X D

    11 órája

    I would eat that

  7. Stxr_Child


    11 órája

    Can I ask you something how much do you spend on furniture every year

  8. Average forza player

    Average forza player

    15 órája

    I can imagine him advertising the pie: *“Introducing the Shepherds Shovel Pie, Now with 100x the Daily recommended amount of Plastic and copper. It Even Flies!”*

  9. TheDrummerKid


    15 órája

    Imagine him doing this with a DJI Inspire

  10. Sabrina Seng

    Sabrina Seng

    15 órája

    Why he shooting eggs 0;47

  11. Muhamad Latiful Ismawan

    Muhamad Latiful Ismawan

    17 órája

    title: Drones, content: Pie

  12. an phú phạm võ

    an phú phạm võ


    The fastest drone in the world

  13. A Robot Not

    A Robot Not


    It works !

  14. Ben Doe

    Ben Doe


    Finally a drone that can fly my Shepard’s pie

  15. Splendid Gamer

    Splendid Gamer


    That seems really expensive

  16. Sabrina Seng

    Sabrina Seng


    Its that an egg gun 0:46

  17. Flor Ching

    Flor Ching


    Thanks now i know how to fly a drone😄

  18. Shen jing Yang

    Shen jing Yang


    This make no sense but good cause I can finally fly a Drone

  19. Boi ioB

    Boi ioB


    one of a kind png of a piedrone

  20. United Kingdom Ball

    United Kingdom Ball


    Where can i buy the egg machine gun?

  21. Nicolas Martínez

    Nicolas Martínez


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  22. weird girl lol :3

    weird girl lol :3



  23. Dog 2.0

    Dog 2.0


    Never knew it was that easy to fly a drone¯\_(ツ)_/¯

  24. A Stupid Fella

    A Stupid Fella


    I love your tutorials it makes my life better

  25. ndkdksks ndnd

    ndkdksks ndnd



  26. Guffy




  27. Dino_dude47


    2 napja

    0:56 when vsauce runs out of eggs

  28. Corey Ford

    Corey Ford

    2 napja

    Things went out of hand in only 13 seconds.

  29. Furios Dragon

    Furios Dragon

    2 napja

    All off the money wasted respect so subscribe to him please

  30. Happi Cat :D

    Happi Cat :D

    2 napja

    *drone flies* Your mother with a broom: FLYING SPIDER!!! ATTACK!!! *slaps it with shovel 3248 times* *shoots it with 649 eggs* *reloads* *shoots it with another 649 eggs* *discover fire* *bake the drone into a flying pie* *drone flys into the camera* *YOU DIED*

  31. Dispicable toast

    Dispicable toast

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    The company that made that laptop are deeply disappointed

  32. Jack Cat

    Jack Cat

    2 napja


  33. Loli Destroyer

    Loli Destroyer

    2 napja

    Eat that to acquire flying skills

  34. alvin rasher • 10 years ago

    alvin rasher • 10 years ago

    3 napja

    I did this and it 100% worked guys 😳😳

  35. Legend Of Music

    Legend Of Music

    3 napja

    😂😂😂😂 Your Egg Is Infinity

  36. King gamer Philippines

    King gamer Philippines

    3 napja

    Thank you! I finally learned how to fly a drone like a professional.

  37. Hadi Minhal

    Hadi Minhal

    3 napja

    Wastage of food🙁🙁🙁

    • adriana monteiro

      adriana monteiro

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  38. FoxyXGaming


    3 napja

    This man spend all his money on eggs :-:

  39. Charvi Selokar

    Charvi Selokar

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    Food wastage

  40. Soviet Union

    Soviet Union

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    Not real drone

  41. Zoro Situa

    Zoro Situa

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    Wow Thanks how to basic now I can go from one country to another with the help of a drone.

  42. Junnie Shop

    Junnie Shop

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    O_O not how to fly a drone but it's HOW TO MAKE A COOKED DRONE '-'

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    That a expensive drone man XD

  44. sockmonkeyoffical


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  45. Tarek


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  46. Dominic toretto

    Dominic toretto

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    Afonso Monteiro

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    what is your pobleme ?!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  48. allu teach Malayalam

    allu teach Malayalam

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    What is this

  49. Patric Visca

    Patric Visca

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    I destroyed my $ 300 drone

  50. Dragon Cat

    Dragon Cat

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    Ahh yes the perfect drone

  51. Dragon Cat

    Dragon Cat

    4 napja

    Yes the perfect weapon egg gun

  52. Floortiay


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    i thought it was an actual tutorial until i saw it was made by how to basic

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    Mohammad Robbani

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  54. Bs Geas

    Bs Geas

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    Андрей Олешко

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    Лучше бы подписчику подарил)))

  56. purpleXpotion


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    I expected a perfectly intact drone to come bursting out of the cooked dish..

  57. tem pura

    tem pura

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  58. majormatthewox89


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    Why the egg always there XD Egg:im the chosen one of howtobasic Howtobasic:*just throws eggs* Me:lol

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    Arsenii Khilchuk

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    Steve gamers

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    Jahnziel Morales

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    Jovan Janevski

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    At least the battery exploded. 😔

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    Fighter: HowToBasic This fighter is violent and immune to almost every power. He can do activities violently and speedily that they could eliminate a being almost in no time. They enjoy messing things up and throwing eggs, their primary weapon. They can carry “Egguns” (guns that shoot eggs) and a shovel. They appear to be immune to fire. They can use anything (usually kitchen supplies) and make it a weapon. (Lighters, milk, etc). It likes to fool others into tutorial videos and make the viewer mess up by making a complete mess. Sometimes, it may run out of eggs. This will make the fighter panic and make it search for more eggs, or put it in a complete rage. He will be able to summon raw chickens to attack opponents. These minions will be able to throw chicken legs at the opponent.

  65. Cyborg 09

    Cyborg 09

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    0:33 What a HUGE waste of money bruh what I would do to save that poor drone

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    Sr leng

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    Him DISASTER EVERYTHING Me: who clean

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    Gay Gay

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    Razmuzz11 Hi

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    Kristopher Kolumbus

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    Hey,I’m Japanese.I wish you continue to post the videos!

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    My grandpa got a drone, and he watched this video, send help.

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      Staaaxa Samala

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