How To Make a Protein Shake

Today I show you how to make a protein shake. This delicious protein shake recipe will make gaining muscles easy. This shake has the perfect amount of protein in it. It's perfect for a pre-workout or post-workout meal. You will see drastic muscle growth in a matter of days. Don't believe me? Try it for yourself!

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  1. rika chi

    rika chi

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    Nhiều tiền vãi =))

  2. HouseholdWarrior


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    0:29 ddlc all over again



    39 perccel

    I think he broke her when he added cheese

  4. Rajani Devi

    Rajani Devi

    58 perccel

    (not a hater) but This guy is wasting so much food we can feed some burgers in that much.

  5. Noob 1230

    Noob 1230


    How do u clean it up every time?

  6. Sheikh Rehan

    Sheikh Rehan


    Food is sacred and you wasted it. Shame on you and people who liked this video.

  7. Saitama



    Starving children in Africa be like:👁👄👁

  8. רם מנדלמן

    רם מנדלמן


    He used to do this whole mess in his kitchen... Guess his tired of cleaning.

  9. Natalie Nicole Shaw

    Natalie Nicole Shaw


    I would hate to clean that.

  10. Dark soul

    Dark soul

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    Why are wasting food this much. You will die by food shortage. 🤬🤬🤬🤬⚡⚡⚡ Call police.

  11. Ajay


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    what a waste



    2 órája

    Bring me my money

  13. Optimus Gamer Pro

    Optimus Gamer Pro

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    I was waiting at the start for him to mess all

  14. lil scotty

    lil scotty

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    Disliked it not enough egg

  15. Sefacikbaba 01

    Sefacikbaba 01

    2 órája

    Adamın kafası uçtu diyenler +1

  16. Abhin Av

    Abhin Av

    3 órája

    Wtf... Why are you wasting food.... ‼️

  17. J Mac

    J Mac

    3 órája

    There should be some law on wasting food.

  18. love tds roblox :p

    love tds roblox :p

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    Uhm good gobye bye

  19. RYDER


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    0:31 When The Nightmares Begin!

  20. huhhhhhhhhhhhh09


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    1:25 on until the end of the video reminds me of talking to my ex-girlfriend in the worst way lmao.

  21. ミク中野


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    Where's the egg 🤨

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    Ricardo Diaz

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    0:30 E G G

  24. Hans Junel P. Ellazar

    Hans Junel P. Ellazar

    4 órája

    I want to try this but I think the ingredients are too expensive.🤣

  25. watermelon watermelon

    watermelon watermelon

    4 órája

    Wow megawatts worth of pure energy

  26. X-gamer Pro-HD

    X-gamer Pro-HD

    4 órája

    So much food wasted but it’s still funny to watch 😂

  27. Jennifer Anna Jogy

    Jennifer Anna Jogy

    5 órája

    Please make a video of how to make chocolate cookies...😁

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    Jennifer Anna Jogy

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    I wanted to try this before 0:28 😂

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    Voltic BG

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    Imagine living with this guy ._.

  30. VR Gaming and drawing

    VR Gaming and drawing

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    Make sure not to stab yourself while doing this, My mom did because of the table of the falling on the glasses….

  31. Elaina Chan

    Elaina Chan

    6 órája

    Damn that a lot of protein

  32. abo hsam Al abdallh

    abo hsam Al abdallh

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  33. OneOne Lee

    OneOne Lee

    6 órája

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  34. kaboom kid

    kaboom kid

    6 órája

    I bet 10 bucks that a little kids going to try this.

  35. subang dua iron work

    subang dua iron work

    6 órája

    in this video recipe:1% wasting:99%

  36. siddharth varma J

    siddharth varma J

    6 órája

    Cursed comment: You will like this comment even if you doesn't want to.

  37. MYamin Lori

    MYamin Lori

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    I made it. It is full of energy! 👊

  38. MYamin Lori

    MYamin Lori

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    Thumbs up in the end??



    6 órája

    PLZ some one gives him brain he Is not giving the food to kids how nedmed this all that worst youtuber

    • C4MPER


      4 órája

      But why should he give food to kids?

  40. red crewmate

    red crewmate

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    Step 🥚 🥚 the 🥚

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    ??? IONATAN

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    Likes now :)

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  44. Samuel simon

    Samuel simon

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    Done plz gift me spin storage

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    Kerala 😾

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    I wonder how much he spends on groceries 🤔

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    vikram madhavan

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  48. Araarrara Hid

    Araarrara Hid

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    This is *SO EASY* to make.

  49. 花领☆


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    Damn his workplace is my dream.

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    Fadil Dahlan Adiansah 4C

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    When you unplug ur ps2 disc out of your ps2

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    Vasiliki Anagnostopoulou

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    It isn t taste very good!😂

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    Renu Vishwakarma

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    I dare you to do the same thing infront of a person who poor and starving

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    Sahil Mir

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    Aga Ramirez

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    A sad thing to watch when someone wastes so much food just for fun. Disgraceful :(

  56. the SILLIEST

    the SILLIEST

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    I feel bad for the chicken fish

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    gritak insin

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    I lovew this type of content. This really makes me feel all tingly inside and burst out with laughter, (I hope that this never ends and we can all enjoy the wonders of how to b asic!!!!!!!!!!!

  58. YFL -Yatharth’s Football Land

    YFL -Yatharth’s Football Land

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    Naufal Ahmad Nugroho

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    Vuk Seizovic

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    i make it

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    random creature

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  62. :/


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    My question is how much money did he spend to make this whole video. :/

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    Vaas Montenegro

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    What a gargantuan waste of food



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    Someone Here

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    James Morrison

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    If you could live with out having to pay to utilities or rent/property tax but you had to live next to how to basic would you

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    • Basilo • ✿ ☻

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    360 101

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    0:44 my favorite part

  75. yeetus capleetus

    yeetus capleetus

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    I made a protein shake for my sister once, she said it smelled like bleach and it was too thick

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    Gus Gorilla

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    Average forza player

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    Average forza player

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    bilishu aliss

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    Alberto Lopez

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    Roxie Eclipse

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    0ofer something

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    • BendytheCommander


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