How To Make The Travis Scott Burger

Today I show you how to make McDonald's Travis Scott Burger. This is the official recipe that is used by all McDonald's stores across the globe. This recipe tastes identical to the one sold at McDonald's. Is the Travis Scott burger not available in your country? Or is it sold out at your local store? No worries! Make it for yourself at home in a couple minutes. Enjoy!

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    Wow yummmmmmmmmmmm...myyyy

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    this is the longest hes been without throwing things

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    Nice Saini

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    You are annihilation expert

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    harley raney

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    You forgot the melted 1990's Mc Donald's toys. They add more flavor

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    Very helpful

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    i used cook

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    Enjoy The fornite burger u^u

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    Burger moment POGGERS #tapl

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    3:08 travis scott

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    2:02 the gumy ber song long brasel vershon Q7CkiME8tLw

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    me in 1:34 Finally a tutorial ez me in 1:52 (screams like Sr. Pelo)

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    What a waste of food

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    Would honestly try the htb burger, one thumb up 👍🏻

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    Ignore the Vbucks case and you'll have a real tutorial

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    I agree onions taste bad

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    perfect. now I can make my homemade travis scoot burgir

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    plot twist: at the start its a tutorial and the first burger without the v-bucks is actually yummy

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      Срача лайф гавно

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    Official Roman’s Skits

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    It's a waste of v-bucks if you ask me

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    1:59i freaked out here 😂😂😂😂

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    in the first part it actually looks like a decent burger except for the vbucks lol

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    Kids in Africa watching this👁👄👁

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    Because he put a fortnite v bucks case on it

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    This guy will be fired from Travis Scott burger restraunt

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    Whoever cleans this needs a raise

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    1:59 He used a fucking pressure washer 😂

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    King Turtle

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    i like how at the start, it was actually looking pretty good

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    Is no one going to talk about the fact that he didn’t season the beef?

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    How to basic walking in a store: All the workers: happy for money, but sad for supply drop

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    Dababy 123 convirble😤

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    All those food wasted can feed one whole village of people. - Good cooking skills tho - I was actually drooling while watching the front part of the video ( before the fortnite v-bucks case was introduced to the burger.

    • DL


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      @Minnomal Don't get so worked up! Relax and chill pls...

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      @Minnomal It's not that I hate how to basic but it is just a casual comment.;)

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    • Andrean Iffan

      Andrean Iffan

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