How To Protect Yourself From Coronavirus

Today I show you how to protect yourself from catching Coronavirus. There are a few simple steps you can take each day to ensure your chances of catching COVID-19 remain low. Wearing a mask and regularly hand sanitising does help - but there is more that can be done. To learn how to truly protect yourself from catching Coronavirus (or any other virus) simply follow the step by step instructions in this video. Be safe out there - Together we can end this global pandemic and return everything to normal.

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  1. Almond Terbium

    Almond Terbium

    12 órája

    Interviewer: you said in your CV that you're paranoid. How paranoid are you? Me:

  2. Thlama Jafiya

    Thlama Jafiya

    15 órája

    I am much grateful to *Gavinhacks on Instagram* who was able to unban my account which I was unfairly banned with 1.2million followers

  3. Thlama Jafiya

    Thlama Jafiya

    15 órája

    I am much grateful to *Gavinhacks on Instagram* who was able to unban my account which I was unfairly banned with 1.2million followers

  4. Thlama Jafiya

    Thlama Jafiya

    15 órája

    I am much grateful to *Gavinhacks on Instagram* who was able to unban my account which I was unfairly banned with 1.2million followers

  5. Steven is the Steven

    Steven is the Steven

    16 órája

    Me:At least he is doing good stuff 10M seconds later Me:*saw him spraying eggs* I take that back

  6. chubby bunny

    chubby bunny

    21 órája

    Can we get a squirt counter?

  7. Madina Twinkle

    Madina Twinkle

    23 órája

    Ughhh!! More than 10000000000000000000000 pumps of hand sanitizer🙄🙄🙄🙄

  8. 99_Shubham R. Sharma

    99_Shubham R. Sharma


    He helps people by wasting food and sanitary resources. What an amazing person!!!!

  9. Najaa Saifuz

    Najaa Saifuz


    Sanitizer on stove? Wait, I thou- Well, it's how to basic. What do you expect, right?

  10. Gaming With SB

    Gaming With SB


    I love the fact that the sound is with the music

  11. henrygurwood



    My daughter using soap : this video

  12. Sophia Alexis Vetonio

    Sophia Alexis Vetonio



  13. Kristen Schepp

    Kristen Schepp


    this is the grocery stores favorite guy

  14. Firebird 1347

    Firebird 1347

    2 napja

    So much sanitizer

  15. Low Budget Max

    Low Budget Max

    2 napja

    This video is basically a germophobe who is also paranoid

  16. Cris Noble

    Cris Noble

    2 napja

    Me: :/

  17. Jasper Dunlop

    Jasper Dunlop

    3 napja

    Sanitation is important but the most important thing that it's inflammatory

  18. Saw Tze yin

    Saw Tze yin

    3 napja

    Am I the only one who’s counting on his pumps?🤡

  19. Fahim Rahman

    Fahim Rahman

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  20. Windows 7

    Windows 7

    3 napja

    He took 5 hours to sanitize his hand

  21. TheShininglord Gaming

    TheShininglord Gaming

    3 napja

    Corona be like- This guy Santized much im scared he dont throw eggs on me Howtobasic-Hehe boy

  22. 베이가


    4 napja

    Fun fact: howtobasic drives a hyundai ix35

  23. Mr. Kujo

    Mr. Kujo

    4 napja

    Everyting is for eggs

  24. MasonTheGamer


    4 napja

    Does this involve eggs? Edit: yes, it does

  25. Roscoe McGillicuddy real fan

    Roscoe McGillicuddy real fan

    4 napja

    Why just why

    • Roscoe McGillicuddy real fan

      Roscoe McGillicuddy real fan

      4 napja


  26. Content Chowkidar (Dank Rishu)

    Content Chowkidar (Dank Rishu)

    5 napja

    Man I m disappointed you didn't turned the eggs and spray sanitizer again😡😤

  27. Pietro Sal

    Pietro Sal

    5 napja

    His entire House is now anti covid

  28. Alexandru Nica

    Alexandru Nica

    5 napja

    SANITISING EVERYTHING! HTB took it too litteraly

  29. money


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  30. ojan banget

    ojan banget

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  31. farès 123

    farès 123

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  32. Ummu Fahmiwidya

    Ummu Fahmiwidya

    6 napja

    Ni manusia sakit jiwa kayaknya..menyedihkan kali hidup lu.. ((((

  33. kingofgames


    6 napja

    He fake the explodes or is real

  34. Kiran Poon

    Kiran Poon

    6 napja

    Piss the sani tizer

  35. Юрасик


    6 napja


  36. Aadith Subin

    Aadith Subin

    6 napja

    Bro I can smell the sanitizer

  37. Aadith Subin

    Aadith Subin

    6 napja

    Bro should I call khaby🤣

  38. Kr3eam


    6 napja

    ah yes comedy

  39. NimesXD321DE Tiktok

    NimesXD321DE Tiktok

    6 napja

    Why the fuck you have to sanitize you egg and pan lol you can just wash the eggs;-;



    6 napja


  41. Elias Alvarado

    Elias Alvarado

    6 napja

    y luego si hay

  42. Elias Alvarado

    Elias Alvarado

    6 napja

    como no hay huevos

  43. Stacey Ball

    Stacey Ball

    6 napja

    0:00 - 8:12 WHY

  44. Stacey Ball

    Stacey Ball

    6 napja

    2:43 I think you have enough hand sanitizer…

  45. Angel Holloway

    Angel Holloway

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    Being deprived from no nut November

  46. Alone cat

    Alone cat

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    Bro I’m in India right now

  47. Luis Henrique Mateo Do Carmo

    Luis Henrique Mateo Do Carmo

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    The most rare is that really

    • Luis Henrique Mateo Do Carmo

      Luis Henrique Mateo Do Carmo

      7 napja

      3 hours whashing hands

  48. Alijah Marquez

    Alijah Marquez

    7 napja

    Plot Twist: he has to do this before everytime he makes a video with eggs

  49. Exorcist


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    Damn your house is so clean, too clean maybe?

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    Future Among Us

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    Akhil s vlog

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    എടാ പട്ടി നീ എന്തിനാ ഇങ്ങനെ ഫുഡ്ബെസ്റ്റ് ആക്കണ്ട

  52. Yellow Raindrop

    Yellow Raindrop

    7 napja

    My dad heard the part where he was breathing loudly because he got tired and I think he thought I was watching porn

  53. Oops, It’s Geser again

    Oops, It’s Geser again

    8 napja


  54. BMW Lover

    BMW Lover

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    Gas gas gas

  55. Ajeb Ubalde

    Ajeb Ubalde

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    i appreciate your videos like hollywood movie

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    Dev Sreejith

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    Man stop making cringe videos and make a better video

    • SuperFlyGamingPants


      7 napja

      I’d like to see you do better

  57. Connor Flippin

    Connor Flippin

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    550 times he has pressed that sanitizer (lost count somewhere)

  58. marame benarif

    marame benarif

    8 napja

    People are dayin and this man is wasting things Like your filming is good use it for useful things

  59. Zeyad PG3D

    Zeyad PG3D

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  60. Rayouna


    8 napja

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  61. Julia Clavido

    Julia Clavido

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    Carlos Pena Mendoza

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    We doing it all for the eggs boys and I right!?

  63. I'm black and not Chinese

    I'm black and not Chinese

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    Soap wipes out 99.9- Howtobasic: no it's 9999999999999999999999999999999999⁹99⁹99999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999.9%

  64. MrGeometryDash


    9 napja

    How is driving that fast still not enough to go to jail

  65. Victor Fialho Reis

    Victor Fialho Reis

    9 napja

    How explode a house kkkkk Lol



    10 napja

    Covid be like : what the heck is this man doing I am now scared of this man

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    Thian len par

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    Hiep Le

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    Hiep Le

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    Hiep Le

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    Hiep Le

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  72. Praveen Macherla!

    Praveen Macherla!

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    Finally virus was burnt in fire🔥

  73. Mr_oof man

    Mr_oof man

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    6:15 this is how i after go to the store

  74. Pobeehpo


    11 napja

    1:35 this is 6 year old me using hand sanitizer at my school

  75. borys drabik

    borys drabik

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  76. Chave Okbomer

    Chave Okbomer

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    Xd 1:32

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    People with the username “an egg”: Hot to basic (• ◡•)

  78. 🐰Ruth And McFlurry Of Bunnies 🐰

    🐰Ruth And McFlurry Of Bunnies 🐰

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  79. Lily Oldfield

    Lily Oldfield

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    Covid: I fear no man but that . . . thing Howtobasic: sanitising his hands until he can't no more Covid: IT SCARES ME

  80. Emma


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    Wait what this man is going destroy hes house?

  81. Mindy Bush

    Mindy Bush

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  82. I just broke your ankles Meh kool

    I just broke your ankles Meh kool

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  83. Amine Tabouri

    Amine Tabouri

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  84. whitty


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    獎甘滑muo rul

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    Lyn Uyan

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    Kruzo Lystix

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      Prison Mike

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    Jb Aquino

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    Jb Aquino

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    Harishpur School

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    Puiu Vlad

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  94. NK AG

    NK AG

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  95. MrDark_Shadow1


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    7:39 *Woah Did The House Explode 😂😂😂*

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    Sending this to my mom, it will help her so much This comment is a joke

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    Reyhan Pratama

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    Luca T

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    1:42 okay so, where were we?



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  100. Parth FN

    Parth FN

    14 napja

    corona virus stood no chance against those 0.01 percent remaining germs